Two Filmingos Video Post Production - Demo Reels

Freelance Video Editing

Demo Reels

Title: Documentary Reel
Position: Editor, Animator, Associate Producer
Project Notes: Featured highlights from a variety of styles of documentary projects that I've done post production for.

Title: Beauty & Cosmetics Social Media Reel
Position: Editor
Project Notes: This reel contains highlights from social media projects I've edited for clients in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Title: Text Animation Demo
Position: Editor, Animator
Project Notes: This is a light-hearted demo of some things I do with text animation. Examples include templates that I've built to speed implementation of consistent animated effects in productions, as wel as some custom built text animations. It is created with After Effects, from free stock footage, and it contains horrible jokes. Enjoy!

Title: After Effects Reel
Position: Visual Effects & Animation
Project Notes: This reel shows examples from projects where I've used After Effects for rotoscoping, keying, compositing, motion graphics, and animation.

Title: Promotional Reel
Position: Editor
Project Notes: This reel highlights promotional projects I've worked on that have been used in social media campaigns (InstaGram, FB, etc), websites, trade shows, and television advertising.

Title: Motion Graphics Demo
Position: Editor, Animator
Project Notes: This is a demo of some motion graphics and visual effects styles that I created from stock fotage with After Effects.

Title: Narrative, Color, & Motion Reel
Position: Editor, VFX, Color, Motion Graphics
Project Notes: This was my very first reel. It mostly contains projects that I worked on while getting my post production degree from Colorado Film School. Some of the content in this reel is duplicated in the above videos.