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Two Filmingos is the video portfolio for me, Corbin Gill. I've been freelancing in video editing, and other post production work, for the last several years. Demo reels of project styles I work in regularly are available below. Complete projects are viewable in the sections above. If you're looking for a proposal on your video job, or want to discuss details, see the About section for details on that. Get in touch!

I've accomplished work in many styles with a large array of post production techniques. Beyond video editing, I'm skilled with visual effects, compositing, keying, rotoscoping, motion graphics, animation, tracking, audio enhancement and repair, and video coloring.

With directing and post production degrees, and a lifetime's experience as a writer, I approach editing from a perspective that takes all sides of the story and production into account. I create stories you can feel. Please get in touch with any post production needs you have. I look forward to working with you.

About Two Filmingos

Resume, Feedback, Proposals, & Process

View the resume of Corbin Gill (PDF)
My experience working with Corbin was phenomenal at every stage of the process. This was my first time collaborating with someone to create a video animation, and he supported me throughout the project by making recommendations, speaking my language and adding value beyond our initial project agreement. Corbin brings clear communication, flexibility, patience and creativity to every conversation, and makes virtual collaboration as real as it gets. I highly recommend Corbin!

Client Feedback

Two Filmingos - Get a Proposal

To get a proposal for your video project, all you need to do is to contact me, and provide as much detail as possible about your project goals. I can provide an hourly fee, or a project fee for your video. Project fees come with strict guidelines for the work you will receive, while hourly projects come with an estimate of required hours, but they have more freedom with revisions and add-on services. If you are aiming to meet a specific budget, I can recommend options on how to approach your project in order to satisy your project needs while meeting your financial goals. My contact info is in all of my demo reel videos. I'm also available through Upwork, if you'd prefer to work through a freelancing service. My rates are 20% higher on Upwork bids, in order to cover their service fees.

Project Info to Include in Your Proposal Request:

How I Work

Every project has its own unique needs and approach. I adapt my methods to the project. In general, I'll do an initial version of the video, or animaiton element, and post it to Vimeo with a password secured link to prevent the public from viewing your work in progress. From there, we revise and make alterations to complete the project to your satisfaction.