Two Filmingos Video Post Production - Documentary

Freelance Video Editing

Two Filmingos Documentary Projects

Title: JonBenet's Tricycle - Primary Trailer
Position: Editor, Associate Producer
Project Notes: JonBenet's Tricycle is a feature documentary that explores the pop-culture appeal that real life horror attracts from the public. It is told through the avant garde perspective of Andrew Novick, an artistic collector who has the tricycle. This film premiered at the 2017 Denver Film Festival. It has received multiple theatrical showings in the US and Japan, international press attention in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, as well as local recognition from The Huffington Post, Forbes magazine, and The National Enquirer, amongst others. This film also currently has extremely high ratings on IMDB. A primary drive to these positive reactions is how I shaped the film, as its Associate Producer, to communicate with the audience in a light and quirky way about the horrifying events at its heart. The storytelling absorbs people into the experience of the film. "This story should not be enjoyable, but it is."

You should go get a copy of the blu ray disc, which I also built.

Title: JonBenet's Tricycle - Psychics Trailer
Position: Editor, Associate Producer
Project Notes: This is a second trailer, focusing on the psychic interactions, for the feature documentary JonBenet's Tricycle.

Title: Hand in Hand International Adoption Agency Promotion
Position: Editor
Project Notes: This is a promotional, short documentary focused on the work of the Hand in Hand International Adoption agency.

Title: The Men's Ministry Testimonial
Position: Editor
Project Notes: A testimonial style, promotional video for a gathering of The Men's Ministry in Colorado.

Title: NatureMed Patient Testimonial
Position: Editor
Project Notes: A patient testimonial video.

Title: Lea Luna - Women in the Music Industry
Position: Editor
Project Notes: A speaking event montage, of DJ Lea Luna, about women working in the music industry.

Title: Mystic Meadery KickStarter
Position: Editor, Stills Photographer
Project Notes: A KickStarter video for The Mystic Meadery.

Title: CFS Now Episode
Position: Lead Editor
Project Notes: An episode of Colorado Film School Now, a news program about current events and ongoings at the school. This series was produced through an extracurricular club at CFS that I was the lead editor for.

Title: The Shoot Out Boulder BTS Documentary
Position: Editor, Director, Camera, Animation
Project Notes: Behind the scenes documentary of teams participating in the Shoot Out Boulder, 24 hour filmmaking competition. This film opened the awards show. Due to the nature of the competition, this BTS documentary was created start to finish in less than 48 hours. I created the opening animation ahead of time as part of the competition's promotion campaign.