Two Filmingos Video Post Production - Narrative & VFX

Freelance Video Editing

Two Filmingos Narrative and Visual Effects Projects

Title: Return of the Living Dead Trailer
Position: Editor
Project Notes: This trailer for Return of the Living Dead, is a class project I edited in my time at Colorado Film School. It was selected as best in class and it demonstrates that I can cut a pretty sweet trailer if you need one.

Title: Believer - Music Video
Position: Editor
Project Notes: This is a music video I edited for Adobe's Make the Cut competition. Plus, Dolph Lundgren is in it!! All footage and audio was provided for the contest.

Title: Precious Possessions
Position: Editor, Writer, Director, VFX
Project Notes: This is a short film I created at Colorado Film School in an effort to experiment further with visual effects shots. Some of them clearly flopped, but others turned out pretty solid and pushed me to improve my After Effects skills.

Title: Preview Review - Star Wars Awakens with a Good Cuppa Joe
Position: Editor, Writer, Director, VFX
Project Notes: This is a comedic web series episode from a show about a mismatched couple recreating popular movie trailers, for the purpose of reviewing these trailers without getting sued for copyright infringement. BTW, if I could find folks who are interested in helping, I'd happily try to create this series again.

Title: 127 Seconds
Position: Editor, Co-Director, Camera
Project Notes: Here we have a comedy I created way back at the beginning of my experiences in film work. I'd do some things differently, if I made it today, but it's pretty darned funny regardless.

Title: Pun'kin
Position: Writer, Director, Camera
Project Notes: This film was created for the Shoot Out Boulder, 24 hour filmmaking competition. It won best comedy, best script, and best performance. The contest requires "linear editing" so we were required to shoot it in sequence. Manipulating shots with editing software is prohibited. Playing in this competition for several years really motivated my desires to become a filmmaker. This is the best film I made as a participant in the competition.